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 Ran and Linda Henry bring the romance of the mountains to your wedding, even if you don't wed in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We offer Wedding and Event Photography, Videography, and unique Deejay Entertainment, creating and capturing memories as a couple. For two decades we lit up celebrations in South Florida, focusing on brides framed by palm fronds, hydrangeas and birds of paradise. We are now back to our roots, sharing weddings in Virginia’s heartland for ten romantic years.We can tell you stories …Great granddad enrolled at the University of Virginia at age 16 so he could enlist in the Confederate Army, losing his horse to Yankee bullets at Gettysburg, leading the Petersburg Rifles until told to hold his fire. Then he met a brunette from Culpepper named Lucy who said she could never marry a soldier. Major Henry came back to UVA for his law degree, and pled for a life-long love we aim to emulate -- and pass along.We were married in a chapel overlooking the Continental Divide, accessible only by four-wheel drive -- his and hers Suburbans, of course. We danced back from the altar to “Let’s Get It On” and drove one Suburban down the mountain to Lynyrd Skynyrd to rock in the lodge. After raising our Florida daughters to love New York we are at home in the hills, loving the mist in the pines that makes couples make promises.What ties together our vision and talents? Storytelling. And what makes a story, and a wedding, really rock? Wondering what thrill or heart-tug happens next, then seeing that happy ending. A truly memorable dance mix tells a story, from Big Band to Motown to the hip, happening hits -- just as films and photo collections dramatize the moments that matter, from start to finish. For photography and videography we charge by the wedding, not by the hour, to tell the whole story of your day -- shooting opening images and parting shots at historic churches, hotels, wineries, country clubs, estates and hilltops across the Commonwealth.  Ask the people at any wedding venue around Charlottesville about our services, and value. In July, 2008, we filmed and produced Virginia’s first-ever wedding webcast, enabling infirm grandparents to witness their grandchildrens’ wedding at the overlook above Wintergreen Resort.At an altar in the highlands or alongside the Atlantic, we believe we renew our vows at your wedding – turning plans into memories to fill your heart and home. When “We’re getting married!” rings in your ears, we can tell your story. 


 We offer premium event photography as a couple, giving you over a thousand images of your wedding day, depicting you and your family and friends through eyes only a husband and wife can share. Linda Henry is the portrait artist, Ran Henry the photojournalist, capturing the highlights you can’t forget and those candid shots that bring smiles. Our day begins and ends with yours, photographing an opening montage, preparations and gathering of guests, your ceremony from differing perspectives, portraits of you and your wedding party, reception formalities, fun on the dance floor and a sparkling send-off, all at a reasonable price. We bring 60-megapixel Canon cameras and L-series lenses, decades of photojournalism and wedding experience and an unobtrusive manner reflected in our work. Our photographs have been featured in Tropic, the Miami Herald Sunday Magazine, the St. Petersburg Times, the News-Virginian and Daily Progress and on websites of wedding venues around the Blue Ridge. We help plan and arrange portraiture and catch those unexpected sights that tell all. Linda Henry alone gives you real value for a full day of photography. Our work together showcases every meaningful perspective of your day. We offer artistic photo editing, and rights to reproduce all images.  We create engagement portraits that stand out in the newspaper or at your reception, and document your rehearsal dinner and other wedding events in tandem with videography.  Call us for a consultation, and enjoy our gallery of brides, couples and settings.  Visit our photography page for the latest prices and more.


 We believe telling a story means portraying the moments that matter -- and the ability to relive those moments makes videography the best value at your wedding.  It’s an intricate, exacting process, producing a moving picture. We film the world’s biggest stars – you and your intended, on your wedding day. We feel like Steven Spielberg, documenting the romance, drama and promises that change lives, edited so everyone will want to watch. The gestures, inflections and expressions you exchange, and those serendipitous scenes you’ll laugh about each anniversary, live again on DVD, with the cast of characters who celebrate with you. Some send wacky, wistful, moving messages, aglow from seeing you married, speaking to you always. Many couples see portions of their wedding day for the first time on video -- that need not be missed. We have the technology.  We capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments with three-chip Sony DV cameras recording 16-bit digital sound, built for filmmaking, needing no extra lighting. One candle illuminates the scene. Your DVD sounds like your wedding.  We film in tandem and counterpoint, shooting what the other isn’t, with the experience of collaborating at hundreds of weddings. Charging by the day rather than the hour, to give your story an opening and an ending.  With your blessing we film your guests’ congratulations, marital advice and just plain awe at your achievement, with discretion you’ll appreciate in all our work. What a collection of faces and emotions those messages are.  Documenting that one gathering, that one day, is surely a gift for all the days that follow. Think what you would give to see your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding, kept clear and crisp for all time.  Honestly, videography can sometimes be the last service engaged couples arrange, realizing better late than never.  Ask us about the cost of filming and handing over the tapes, to be edited when circumstances permit. It’s footage you can’t recapture, words and deeds that otherwise vanish with the day. We love hearing couples say wedding videography was the second-best choice they made – forever able to watch from the front row.  A couple’s desire to share their vows with missing loved ones led us to produce the first-ever wedding webcast in the state of Virginia, in July, 2008, at the overlook above Wintergreen Resort. Two sets of infirm grandparents witnessed the ceremony at 3,800 feet, as Reverend Claire Goodman and their grandchildren sent love. We send webcasts to hospitals and other places people miss people, and remain the only full-service wedding webcasters in the country. We also produced, filmed and edited the short film “Refill?” (featuring daughter Sarah Henry) which was screened at the Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach Film Festivals, one of four films chosen from over 900 entries, winner of Best Screenplay in Palm Beach.   It’s a miracle, really, preserving that slice of time like a cake saved in the freezer.  Not much different in cost, infinitely sweeter.