Ran Henry

Master of Ceremonies

Dee Jay at over 1800 events since 1984

Dance of a Lifetime

~Ran Henry by Request~

 A magical music mix, a celebration you’ll always remember, calls for a classic disc jockey and emcee, not a computer programmer. I am simply the most creative and accomplished wedding entertainer in the Virginia highlands, offering you a unique musical menu inspired by your tastes and the voice of a refined emcee.
You’ll love the sound of an actual disc jockey spinning tunes, rather than programming computers, for a warm, natural sound pleasing a variety of wedding guests. A UVA study out this summer shows that MP3 files standardized in 1993 compress and distort the artists’ original recordings. Those fractured computer files don’t mix like discs. My mix keeps guests of every age on the floor, featuring radio edits of every new song, free from F-bombs, sparking those compliments from people you love that successfully launch your marriage.
My service includes all the planning time we need to create a perfect flow of events for your day, freeing you to savor every memorable moment.
Since 1984 I have spun tunes in steamy, salsa-inflected South Florida, and filled dance floors in the college romance capital of Central Virginia since 2005, approaching 1800 events, more certain than ever there’s no wedding like yours.
When you stand at the doorway to your reception, introduced by your new name, applauded by those who made you who you are, you are in the hands of history, and your deejay – playing the fanfare you selected, standing behind the music, lists and notes from all our planning time. Coordinating the announcements, music and highlights on your timeline with your wedding planner, caterer, servers, photographers, speakers, toasters and every other person with a part in your day, an experienced wedding entertainer gives you the gift of peace of mind on your wedding day.
What kind of music should fill your dance floor, after enjoying the formalities and the wedding feast? Consider the widest possible variety, reaching out to everyone on your guest list yet sounding like you.
Modern songs in popular format are three to four minutes long; older hits are shorter, jam bands play longer. So you’ll hear sixty to eighty songs over four hours. Each selection should be like a chapter in your story, keeping guests guessing, building to a transcendent ending. If you are like most couples you have friends and family as diverse as songs in a jukebox, with Drake next to Willie Nelson, Dean Martin beside Jay-Z and Bon Jovi. Yet there are underlying connections your deejay should hear, and sound out, showing the variety of people you love that Disco isn’t so different than Motown, which has roots in Blues and Reggae beats that electrify modern dance music, hip hop and rock – all originating in some garden in Africa, no doubt. Whatever differences there are between any of us amount to less than .04 per cent of our DNA – especially while dancing with a couple celebrating their wedding.
I truly believe a great music mix is a sacrament, bringing diverse people closer at the end of the evening. I will help you celebrate with the people you love the most, spinning the best tunes ever recorded, giving you memories to last a lifetime. 


Dee Jay at over 1800 events since 1984

 Ran Henry, deejay and emcee— $850 for four hours of performing time and $1,000 for  unlimited time

"Just Add Love" photography, entertainment and videography packages tailored upon request 

Dee Jay Testimonials

 “You are flat out the best deejay I’ve ever seen. All the others are cheesy.”

Billy Hunt, Charlottesville wedding photographer 

 “Thank you so much for all of your help at our wedding. We are so lucky to have found you to DJ and couldn’t have asked for anyone better. You did a wonderful job. Thanks for making our weekend perfect. We really appreciate it!”

Lauren and Patrick Estes, at Oakencroft Winery


 Thank you for all your help and professionalism yesterday ensuring that the reception flowed smoothly, and for keeping our guests jamming on the dance floor. Everyone had a great time! We will be sure to give you our highest recommendation.


Lauren & John Chiles  Hermitage Hill


     Thank you again for helping to make our special day even more special! Ran, your music was on point and all of our guests had so much fun dancing, they said over and over again how great the music was!

Again, thank you so much!

Steffi & Mike  Crosskeys Vineyard


Ran was terrific and truly a pleasure to work with. We all enjoyed the music and my feet have yet to recover.  Thanks again for all your help.

Best, Jenn Corbey,  Charlottesville’s Critter Ball